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The first social document management.

Smart Keywording

Findability for digital assets.

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We write about our way to work and our technology. Sometimes even others write about us.

Es geht auch ohne Büro – fünf Tipps,

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Smart Keywording: die Durchdringung der multimedialen Flut.

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doctivity will keep you collaborating and connected.

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We are a virtual company, founded by enthusiastic entrepreneurs, in love with technology.


We have been working fully distributed since we founded Kreuzverweis. In a virtual company you can work with the best people independently of where they live. It gives you flexibility and the often cited perfect work-life balance.


We love to be entrepreneurs. And we love to build innovative and intuitive software. We want to make life of our customers easier, not harder. Kreuzverweis is our way to realize this vision.


We have a strong technological and scientific background. We use latest technologies and love to build great products out of them. But we never put the technology over the user. Also bleeding edge technology should be easy to use.